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Debouch tout

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Debouch tout
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Note des joueurs : 7.9 / 20 (15 votes)

"Debouch tout" (uncork them all may be in english) is a little facebook advertising game , what we call the "advergames". The goal of the game is to open wine bottles before customers gets angry. The principle of the game is sipmlistic, hence its ranking in the segment of stupid games. Simply click once on a bottle to plant the corkscrew, and click again to open the bottle.
Most of you, even without being a geek would have understood that a double click on the mouse or pad can quickly lead to open the bottles.
The game is graphically managed, with graphics very "trendy" wine bar atmosphere, but the interest of the game is super limited, and after two games you will pass on to something else, unless you're a fan of hard clicks mouse or uncorking wine bottles.

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