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Pirates Saga

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Pirates Saga
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Note des joueurs : 15.3 / 20 (91 votes)

A new pirate game awaits you with Pirates Saga . This superb set of the Polish company Can't stop games will allow you to live an adventure over several seas.
A small intro scene will put you in the mood and give you a, history frame in which you will then evolve. You can then take over the game through a quick and well done tutorial. You will then begin on the first island by clicking on the clear waters revealing coral among islands most beautiful and colorful than the other. The superb graphics are clearly a very strong part of the game
The Pirates Saga facebook Many quests are offered and must be the completed in order to achieve each level of the card and thus be able to reach a new area. The objectives are fairly simple to suceed and will help you discover the various ways to improve your ship and its crew.
As we already mentioned, graphics are simply amazing , and the animations that come along with your progression in the game are just as important. the ship sails and tacks with some realism, and the animations during combat are very nice. It is also worth noting that you can move your ship in battle, which brings no advantage, but makes the fights more fun.
The card Pirates Saga facebook A map of the surrounding area allows you to quickly locate the targets associated with your missions. By clicking on the map you can go directly to the coveted area to accomplish your mission.
Your missions vary sometimes from attacking other ships to wreck diving or collecting resources. Your crew members will help you in the adventure and will grow gradually as you progress. So you can enlist on your proud ship a fisherman and a farmer and some other strange characters that will be useful for fishing and gathering various resources.
The community dimension is not forgotten in the game and you can see other players move on the map and perform their various quests. You can also help your friends to finish their quests. a trick to help you take a good start in pirate Saga , you must think about improving your sailors, the more you progress through levels the more your opponents will be tough, so it is important to make sure your gunner is progressing to able to fight with the ships from the third card.
Pirates Sagas is certainly the best pirate game from now on facebook . Graphimes are beautiful, there are many adventures and objectives, and a very successful background music which is rare. Try Pirates saga, you will like it!

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