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Pyramide Ville

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Pyramide Ville
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Note des joueurs : 13.4 / 20 (297 votes)

Against what its name might suggest, PyramideVille is not a Zynga game, but a game from the french studio Kobojo . And quite frankly, probably the best game Kobojo that already has some great titles. Pyramid Ville will make you travel in time and lead you to Egypt in the days of Cleopatra.
You will take possession of a small village and take care of everything to prosper with traditional recipes that were already under way 4,000 years ago: farming, trading and keep your population growing.
As you can see, Pyramid ville offers a classic game play for a facebook simulation game with a detailed tutorial to help you take control of the game interface. Once you have discovered the basic actions you will quickly focus on your ciity organization. You are free to distribute residential areas, agricultural livestock as you want to develop your Egyptian city. Do not forget the decorations, pottery are really gorgeous.
Pyramid Ville on facebook The completion of the game is really perfect with beautiful graphics, small and funny animations, zoom and full screen mode are very well handled. The architect mode will let you easily (and for free) move all your stuffs, a handy feature tha completes the all you could wish for a facebook simulation game. The sound design in PyramideVille is also nice, although a little repetitive over time, but it is very common on this type of game
Of course like any good free facebook game, you have to invite friends to access special buildings or objects. Maybe therein lies the only minor weak point of the game, when you visit one of your neighbors, you do not interact with his city.
The Pyramid Ville Cleopatra's town on facebook It may be a future improvement of the game that already have a great success. The difficulty of the game and the speed at which exhausts and recharges your energy is well measured, so you can develop your Egyptian city in good conditions. Many small tasks will guide you through the steps to achieving your city.
Pyramid Ville is undoubtedly one of the most successful games of Q1 2011 on facebook. Not to be missed!

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