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Ravenwood fair

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Ravenwood fair
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Note des joueurs : 13 / 20 (135 votes)

Ravenwood Fair takes us through a forest inhabited by strange little animals straight out of our childhood books (rabbits, mice, raccoons). In this game, you must create a carnival in the middle of a haunted forest. For this, we must first have to deforest the area and attract the most of your friends attractions by building and creating a pleasant and reassuring area in the midst of this haunted forest.
ravenwood fair on facebook But unfortunately as in the stories of your childhood, the strange creatures of the forest just scare your friends and you will have to comfort them (they are so cute when they are cuddling ...) and hunt this scary neighbours to le the party going on.
You can also place "protectors" (tree magic mushrooms or garden gnomes) that provide a protected area to your dear little visitors. Of course (it is still not a fairy tale) all this for profit: your friends spend their money on your attractions and the more you places attractions and sets, the more your friends play and attract new visitors.

You can also chat with your guests (the dialogues are very speeds a little repetitive but hey it's funny the first time). Ravenwood Fair also offers a few missions to gain more experience in the game
The atmosphere of Ravenwood Fair and the accompanying music is quite original. The characters are endearing, the decor is neat, but progress in the game is quite slow. The amount of energy given at the beginning of the game is not enough and the construction of the attractions is not moving fast. Ravenwood is a fair game with an original atmosphere that will seduce you with its so strange atmosphere.

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